Small and midsize public sector entities have the same need for robust and functionally rich enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions as their larger counterparts. Unlike those larger entities, small and midsize public service organizations have limited resources, both in budget and people, and these resources get squeezed year after year.
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How R Tech Solutions can Help

Regardless of size, all public sector organizations face mounting pressures:

•Increasing constituent expectations for higher quality services

•Demands for stricter accountability and greater transparency

•Ever-changing governmental reporting and funding regulations to which they must comply

•Islands of legacy information not integrated into a single IT landscape, resulting in inefficient operations, inaccurate data, and inadequate support for strategic decisions


Core capabilities and Functionality 
SAP has been focusing on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs of public sector organizations for over 20 years. R Tech Solutions has been delivering and perfecting the ERP needs of clients for 14 years. We have the skills, knowledge, and most importantly the ethics to meet your organization's needs. All core areas of your business in one, fully integrated solution: Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and Project Management all in one, easily accessible solutions. Highlights for Public Sector include:

Planning and Budgeting

  • Create budgets against projects that integrates with finance/accounting
  • Easily compare planned vs actual
  • Tools to manage time entries, project costs, and profit to meet on-time, on-budget goals
  • Run analytics to review projects and improve profitability, efficiency, and planning for future projects

Data + Analytics

  • Instant visibility into key areas of the organization
  • Metrics on Project costs, operations, etc.
  • Ability to create KPIs
  • Compiled data can help make important decisions
  • the ability to share and see data across functions and departments and make timely, in-the-moment decisions via analytics that have been built into every process

Accountability and Standardization

  • All core functions of your organization in one, fully integrated solution: a full suite in a box.
  • unprecedented transparency to meet stakeholder reporting requirements through robust built-in analytics and dashboards with metrics for easy access on any device
  • improve delivery of government services with pre-built best practices finetuned from years of SAP’s business process expertise
  • the ability to consolidate disparate and non-integrated legacy IT systems, reduce complexity and lower total cost of ownership

Next Steps...

Learn more about SAP Public Sector here and here. Interested to see these words in action? Request a demo!