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It is a data-driven business world out there​​

Keeping up with competitors and customer expectations is all about gaining competitive advantages. It’s never been truer now, when the intelligent use of data plays such a large role in creating those advantages. Data has become a critical resource for modern businesses, so it’s not a matter of if, but when you will start taking advantage of it. 

At RTech, our SAP expertise gives us the know-how and experience to help you do more with your data through SAP Analytics Cloud. We help you integrate and customize Analytics into your ERP and its applications, so that you can leverage data in the most convenient way for your company’s needs. Earn operational visibility, run analytics in real-time for quick insights, and revolutionize your decision-making process to back up your choices with hard, factual data. Faster, smarter, and more strategic decisions yield better results, lower costs, and result in satisfied employees, clients, and partners.

What SAP Analytics Cloud can do for you

Visualize and explore data​

Allowing you to create customized dashboards and work securely with governed data, SAP Analytics Cloud helps you have clear visibility through a single source of truth. Users are empowered to make better decisions across every department through intuitive self-service analytics supporting their day-to-day activities.

Integrated Planning​

SAP Analytics cloud helps you align business areas in a single workflow from planning to insights with its integrated planning capabilities.

Enterprise Platform Services

Incorporate multiple data sources into a single database. Eliminate silos, and streamline secure access to information through analytics that provides an end-to-end view of your organization.

Augmented Analytics

Use automated strategic insights with machine-learning technology embedded into your solution, helping you act faster with data-driven decisions.

Imagine And Create.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers a wide array of out-of-the-box analytics solutions that you can start using with your ERP from day one. But if you really want to get the most out of SAP Business ByDesign and take your solution to where it needs to be, you can greatly benefit from working with RTech as your partner.

Starting with a comprehensive interview process that involves all stakeholders, our consultants gain holistic knowledge about your organization and what it needs from its analytics solution. By understanding the ins and outs of your business’ operations and decision-making process, we learn how to provide an optimal setup that delivers accurate insights in real-time, wherever they are needed. We also aid stakeholders in learning how to best use SAP Analytics Cloud’s capabilities to help their roles, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.

SAP Solutions are a great starting point, but we can make them work specifically for your business’ needs.

Your customers expect it and your competitors are already using it.

Start leveraging data analytics now.