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Instead of wondering IF you can do it, find out HOW we can make it happen​

Many business leaders believe their companies aren’t ready to implement an ERP, or that they cannot afford one. The truth is that almost any modern business can benefit from an ERP, but affordability is a top priority when choosing the right one.

The real question you need to be asking is not IF you’re ready for an ERP, but rather HOW you can map out the best path to make it work for you. This is why RTech believes in its ERP-readiness Assessments as an indispensable step in any implementation project.

Our Assessments, performed by our talented team of consultants, give us a deep understanding of your business and the challenges you need to address through the right balance of people, technology, and processes. We help you know where you are, where you should be going, and which is the best way to get there, always with your budget in mind.

What do our Assessments include?

Typically structured as a three-day deep dive, the assessment sets the stage for implementing an ERP system that works for you. Assessments include:


Review of your current ‘As-Is’ system

What are the structures and processes that make your business thrive, today?


Development of your wish list​

You will come with pain points, and areas you would like to improve. 
We will come with new ideas, and success stories from the multitude of companies and industries we work with. 


Critical details for YOUR business​

Companies rarely have all their critical processes drop neatly into the necessarily detailed SAP framework. We capture those items that might need customization or additional refinement as part of moving into a full-featured ERP system. 


A blueprint to kick-start your ERP implementation process​

Whether or not you elect to proceed with SAP ByDesign, or with R Tech as your partner, you close out the Assessment process with detailed process flows, fleshed-out  requirements and key questions to take with you to whomever you choose to work with. 

Unsure of your readiness, affordability, and what you will get for your investment? These Assessments are designed for you

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The RTech Approach

Every project adheres to our methodology, designed to make your ERP work towards your business’ needs and leave you and your team as prepared as possible to make optimal use of your solution.


Our first step consists of onsite visits with you and your strategic team to understand your company’s strategy, business process, and whatever stakeholders need and want. We’ll do a lot of listening, and you can expect a lot of whiteboarding.


Our team of developers and consultants implement, configure, and deploy the system to operate and function as planned and agreed with you, our customer. We’ll address any changes that arise and demo with you and your team.


With all the notes and drawing from our assessment, we’ll start mapping out a solution that fits your vision and aligns with industry best practices. We’ll also brainstorm ideas to fill any gap we find during this stage.


We’ll run your solution through different test scripts before going live. Once it goes live and real transactions are running, we’ll correct any entries, tweaking wherever necessary at no additional cost.


After providing stakeholders with training and change management to ensure they understand how to use the ERP, we’ll hand it off with confidence in your success. We’ll include a solution manual (hardcopy and softcopy) built by RTech to help you with the ongoing process of adoption. As you grow and scale, you’ll be able to change these instructions and continue to make the system simpler and more efficient.

Understand your ERP-readiness and prepare for transformation.

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