Should your company invest in an ERP?

ERP software can be a game-changer, but is your company ready to change?

Digital transformation means a significant investment in time, effort, and money, which is why many companies are reluctant to implement an ERP. It goes beyond buying and installing software; adopting an ERP often represents a fundamental change to business processes, operational practices, and decision-making from top to bottom.

An ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning system, integrates all the core processes needed to run a company. It allows business leaders to manage finance, HR, supply chain, services, procurement, and customer experiences, as well as industry-specific processes such as manufacturing or innovation. A modern ERP like SAP Business ByDesign also leverages latest-gen technologies such as machine learning and AI to provide predictive insights and business intelligence capabilities that enable data-driven decision-making.

While it is certainly a big decision to make, there are many positive reasons to implement an ERP, especially if you are a growing business.

Why implement an ERP?

There are many reasons to implement:

Cost control

Optimizing your business processes and making better decisions at every level allows you to become more cost-efficient and use your resources more efficiently.


A single source of truth combined with data analytics provides real-time insights to help you make informed business decisions.


With access to real-time data insights and using a single source of truth for your data, you gain true visibility across every area of your organization.


Streamline business processes and use automation to maximize your resource usage while minimizing wasted time, money, and effort.

Simpler IT

An integrated system allows you to share a single database for all your ERP applications, making it easier for your team to work and manage information


Rapid access to data, improved operational efficiency, and comprehensive communication and collaboration bring newfound agility to your entire team.

As an IT solutions company, we highly recommend that every growing business implement an ERP sooner or later. Just make sure to go at it the right way: find a partner you can trust, evaluate your options, and make sure you understand your ERP-readiness.
If you’re ready to find out if SAP Business ByDesign is right for your business, RTech is here to help. And even if you’re not ready to do business with us, we still highly recommend you check out SAP Business ByDesign as an option.

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