Implementation, Clean-Up & Support​

Giving ERP projects a second chance

We revamp, revive, and rehabilitate SAP Business ByDesign projects that have gone off track

At RTech, we’ve been in this business long enough to know a thing or two about ERP projects. Many of our clients come to us in need of help because they implemented SAP Business ByDesign with little or no guidance into how to best use their solution. Running an ERP without a strategy or a customized configuration can lead to a lot of wasted potential and a company disappointed with their investment.

We call these opportunities “Second Chances”. At RTech, we take the time to learn about your business, familiarize ourselves with your industry, and deliver a plan designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you want to start from the ground up, need to clean up some applications, or need a support team you can rely on, we’re ready to give your ERP a Second Chance at success. 

Why do ERP projects fail?

Many business leaders become disillusioned when their ERP does not meet their expectations, but the reason this is happening is rarely the software’s fault. Some of the most critical steps in an ERP project happen during the early phases of planning and strategizing, where most mistakes are made. Some of the main reasons ERP projects fail are:


Poorly defined goals


Inadequate initial assessment of needs and landscape


Lack of expertise from the implementation partner​


Resistance to change ​


Lack of commitment from management​


Poor communication between management and partner​


Poor preparation of data before migration​

What RTech does differently

Implementation done WITH you, not TO you

Every implementation we perform aims at meeting the needs of your business. We invest time in learning your business processes to tailor the power of SAP Business ByDesign to help your business. Aligning technology and business goals is a critical step in making your ERP work for you.

We clean up through development and customization

Our team of consultants and developers are qualified to build customized applications and configure SAP Business ByDesign to address your company’s unique challenges. If it wasn’t done right the first time, we can fix it the second time around.

We don’t just sell you the solution

We’re not just a reseller; we are implementation partners, developers, and support experts. We go beyond the transaction of selling you a piece of software; we are the same people customizing the solution for you and providing you with the support you need to run it at optimal performance.

Don’t give up on your ERP investment

We are experts at giving implementations a second chance to succeed.