R Tech Solutions has helped Fortune 100 and 500 companies run better by providing Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions. We've developed the experience and industry knowledge! Here's how we do it:

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SAP ERP solutions helps enable oil, gas, and natural resource companies to be resilient through:

  • Cost management through a transparent, integrated financial structure and powerful analytics.
  • Operational efficiency - identify areas of the business that needs improving through data and metrics
  • Determine areas of weaknesses and strengths to make the right executive decisions for your company to not only survive, but prosper.


All core areas of your business in one, fully integrated solution: Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, and Project Management all in one, easily accessible solutions. Highlights for Oil, Gas, and Natural Resource companies include:

Supply Chain Management

  • Integrated procure to pay process and straightforward supplier relationship management
  • Easy production output process flows with integration into finance to track costs and measure operational efficiency
  • Determine and track inventory through real time data and analytics
  • Sell product from the same system you produce in! All core functions in one solution


Accountability and Standardization

  • Complete transparency to meet stakeholder and parent company reporting requirements through robust built-in analytics and dashboards with metrics for easy access on any device
  • the ability to consolidate disparate and non-integrated legacy IT systems, reduce complexity and lower total cost of ownership
  • Easily create reports and KPIs for executives
  • Make decisions backed by data

Customizations and Growth

  • With R Tech's renowned development team, you have the ability to integrate PLM and QA software with SAP, and create new custom pieces such as scale programs.
  • We redesign process flows so that they can accommodate your business - our consultants have the experience in finding unique solutions to challenging problems
  • As you grow, so does your ERP. SAP provides a robust, adaptive system and we help make bring you up to scale

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