PEG's live and die by numbers and metrics. Do you have yours automated?

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Why Private Equity Firms Benefit from SAP ByDesign

SAP being the largest software company in the world brings in:

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Fully Integrated Cloud Based System: CRM, Financials, Order to Cash (OTC), Purchase to Pay (PTP), Production, Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Easily Customizable System
  • Real Time Visibility into All Businesses
  • Standardized Best Practices across all businesses


Here are some key reports that PE firms need to determine success:

These come standard with R Tech Solution's Private Equity Package

Financial Reports: Income Statements

PE Report 1.1

Cash flow + EBITDA

Cash Flow

Sales Reports: Sales Volume + EBITDA

PE Report 3

Costing: Material Cost vs Margin Report

PE Report 5

Working Capital Report

PE Report 2

Operational and Production Reports: Conversion Costs

PE Report 7

Created by Kevin Ragsdale, Senior Consultant


What R Tech Solutions has done, is partner with PE firms and set up a new Cloud based ERP solution, SAP ByDesign.  SAP ByDesign was designed initially for large enterprise companies to add an ERP system to their main headquarters ERP system.  As it evolved they realized the Small to Mid-Size companies also wanted the same capabilities.

Now PE firms are able to get a system with Low TCO, fast + low cost implementation, automation of month end tasks, cloud based to avoid hardware and servers, over 350 out of the box reports and a solution that can be customized and integrated very easily.  You can finally have a fully scaleable product that can be run internally with no need of outside consulting firms.

Real Time Visibility into Businesses:

  • Instant visibility into inventory
  • Metrics on Production Output, Production Efficiency
  • Ability to create custom KPIs
  • Compiled data can help make important decisions
  • ~380+ standard reports
  • Easily download and extract data for auditors

Low TCO:

  • ByDesign is affordable, cost effective to maintain
  • No data centers to manage
  • No servers or IT personnel needed
  • Securely hosted and managed in the cloud by SAP

Fully integrated Cloud System:

  • All core functions of business in one place
  • One system of record
  • Full visibility and traceability for each transaction
  • Increased automation of tasks

Ease of implementation:

  • Short implementation timelines (1-4 months)
  • Full suite in the box
  • Ability to add on and integrate
  • Training business users is easier
  • No large investments into hardware and infrastructure

Next Steps...

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