SAP Business ByDesign

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Evolve from a multi-software approach to a cloud-ready integrated system that gives you visibility, agility, and profit

As your company grows, it will need to adapt to changing technology needs and customer expectations; it will also need to keep up with competitors. Spreadsheets, multiple software, and manual workarounds might do the trick in the early days of a startup but will rapidly become obsolete when the company starts to grow. The conversation soon goes from “if” you should invest in an ERP to “which” ERP is the best choice for your business.

At RTech, we believe SAP Business ByDesign is an ideal cloud ERP solution for companies that need a solution that helps them grow and grows with them. As an integrated business management solution, it helps your business gain visibility and improves operational efficiency and control from a single solution.

How RTech helps your ERP project succeed

But an ERP is not a plug-and-play solution, which is where we come in. We add value to your solution through optimization, customization, and innovative SAP Business ByDesign configuration, ensuring it is geared to address your company’s unique challenges. We also help your staff adopt the solution quickly through training and change management delivered through best practices.

Our methodology for success is designed to give us a deep understanding of your organization’s challenges and goals, helping us architect SAP Business ByDesign to do what you need it to do.

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and support

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